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Hasta 22 05 2013: Lector de español en Belice

Hasta 22 de mayo de 2013

La University of Belize ofrece una vacante de Spanish Lecturer

Qualification: Minimum of Master Degree in one Foreign language Teaching Methods (Option Spanish Preferably) and demonstrated strong knowledge in this area of expertise. Experience as Spanish Lecturer for a minumim of 3 years is required. The applicant must be fully bilingual English-Spanish, with a minimum certified proficiency at level B2-C1 – in English and C1-C2 – in Spanish.

Duty Station: Belize City Campus

To Apply (View Full Job Description):

Kindly apply online at under About UB, opportunities/vacancies

Please upload a cover letter, a summary of your research goals and philosophy of teaching, curriculum vitae, at least 2 letters of recommendation, transcript of highest degree and copies of relevant certificates and degrees.

You must forward a VALID Police Record to:

  • Human Resource Director
  • University of Belize
  • Hummingbird Avenue
  • Belmopan

If you have any questions kindly contact Ms. Dora Najarro at


Job Description

Faculty Member

The role of a faculty member at the University of Belize is to actively participate in the education of students, contribute to the institutional development of UB through research and service, and contribute to public debates and public policy. Faculty members are expected to demonstrate a capacity to engage with students. Colleagues and the wider society as part of their professional development.


Master’s Degree in their subject area, a command of the English Language for teaching and research at the University level. Preference will be given to those candidates who have experience in research and lecturing at a tertiary institution.

Institutional Responsibilities

A member of faculty is expected to participate in university activities such as:

  1. Graduation
  2. Orientation of new students
  3. Registration
  4. Convocations called by the President

In addition the faculty member should be conversant with the policies, practices and procedures of the institution and actively participates in the promotion of the institution’s goal of becoming internationally accredited.

Service to Students

Faculty should focus upon the promotion of intellectual rigour and academic integrity across the entire university. These core values should be the cornerstones of faculty activity and should inform faculty engagement with colleagues, students, and the wider society. Intellectual rigour and academic integrity are integral to the teaching and mentoring of student, to professional and institutional collaboration within UB and other professional networks, and to the service activities in which faculty, staff and students participate as a contribution to institutional governance and the development of the wider society.

  1. Advising-Academic advising is the cornerstone of the student’s plan of study.
  2. Teaching-Each faculty member remains current in his or her field and meets teaching deadlines and other academic requirements as outlined by the Dean and Chairs.
  3. Mentoring-Beyond academic advising faculty should encourage students to achieve their intellectual and professional goals by establishing relationships that allow students to develop a deeper appreciation of education as a life-long process.

Service to the University and Society

Service, according to the Faculty and Staff Handbook is, “Faculty members must contribute toward the institutional development of the University and make appropriate societal contributions.”… “Participation in faculty committees, task forces, planning and delivery of regular or special UB activities, and in student organizations and activities, constitute examples of such contributions, as does the use of the member’s professional skills and training in the affairs of the communities which the University serves and of the society at large. Similarly, the faculty member must contribute to the Academic growth and development of his / her colleagues in the department or division, in as much as this too, contributes to the development of the University.” (Page 21-22).

Office Hours

Please note that the Job Descriptions are subject to amendment with the growth of the University of Belize.

The assessment of faculty performance in annual reviews and in tenure and promotion reviews will be based upon faculty participation in teaching, research and service and the impact of each faculty member’s activities promote and embody the institutional commitment to intellectual region and academic integrity.

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