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    Isabel Díaz Ayuso con Pablo Casado el 4MAY2021

    Business over Tapas: May 13 2021 

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: The 4M (as the recent election in the Comunidad de Madrid is known) threw all of the parties into disarray. The PP –...

    Business over Tapas: April 29 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: Spain is reeling from the political events in Madrid as the regional campaign for the election on May 4th approaches the final days....

    Business over Tapas: April 15 2021 

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: I suppose we weren’t offered much in the way of history at school from the Spanish point of view (that pirate and slaver...
    Parlamento Europeo

    Business over Tapas:  April 8 2021 

    Lenox Napier¹ Opinion: A thoroughly modern entity like the European Union should have its own official language. Currently, we have the agreed number of ‘24 languages...
    Brexit: archivo 123RF

    Business over Tapas: April 1 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: Thursday April 1st is the first day when a number of Britons living in Spain will become illegal aliens. How many this might...

    Business over Tapas: March 25 2021 

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: Thinking of buying a new car? Probably not. For one thing, as you may have read, it will spend most of its life...

    Business over Tapas: March 18 2021 

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: Murcia is a mess. First of all, as reported by BoT, some 400 party apparatchiks got their vaccines out of turn – as...
    Brexit: archivo 123RF

    Business over Tapas: March 11 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Opinión News arrives that an elderly Briton living in Italy was finally successful in his long-term campaign to persuade the British Government to allow...
    Brexit: archivo 123RF

    Business over Tapas: February 25 2021

    Lenox Napier Editorial: How does that joke go – something like ‘Good music is like good candy – first you have to throw away the wrapper’....
    Tensar la cuerda en Cataluña

    Business over Tapas: February 18 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: The elections in Catalonia have been held and the results are in: the PSC (PSOE) won the most seats with 33, followed closely...

    Noticias de Madrid, Europa, Mundo

    Centrados en la Comunidad de Madrid pero con la mirada puesta en lo que ocurre en España y en el mundo.