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    Brexit: archivo 123RF

    Business over Tapas: February 25 2021

    Lenox Napier Editorial: How does that joke go – something like ‘Good music is like good candy – first you have to throw away the wrapper’....
    Tensar la cuerda en Cataluña

    Business over Tapas: February 18 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: The elections in Catalonia have been held and the results are in: the PSC (PSOE) won the most seats with 33, followed closely...

    Business over Tapas: February 11 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: In Spain, we all live in the city. The laws are written for and by the city-folk. The services and the offices and...
    Mojácar Almería

    Business over Tapas: January 4 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Essay: A few years back, an American called Zach Allen contacted me and said he had once spent a summer vacation in Mojácar –...
    vacuna covid

    Business over Tapas: January 28 2021

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial:  It is now a month since ‘We saved Christmas’ with the consequent rise in contagion levels to today’s gloomy (and frightening) figures across...
    Redes sociales marcar facebook

    Business over Tapas: January 21 2021 

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: Where do people get their news from? It used to be by reading the national equivalent of The Times of London, where foreign-based...

    Business over Tapas: January 14 2021   

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: Madrid woke up last week to heavy snow as Spain suffered its coldest weather for fifty years. Indeed, a record was made and...

    Business over Tapas: January 7 2021 

    Lenox Napier¹ Business over TapasOpinion:  The leading story, as we wait for our Covid jab and the appalling Boss Trump to leave the stage, was the...
    Marruecos construye un nuevo muro en El Aaiún

    Business over Tapas: December 17 2020

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial: What’s the deal with the Western Sahara? It was one of Spain’s possessions in northern Africa, and, following the peculiar Green March of...
    Pascua Militar 2020 España

    Business over Tapas: December 10 2020

    Lenox Napier¹ Editorial:  Standing navies, as well as standing armies, serve to keep alive the spirit of war even in the meek heart of peace. In...