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En Periodistas en Español colaboran profesionales de la comunicación multilíngües.

 Is Aleppo Russia’s Guernica?

Edificios bombardeados en Alepo

Peter Fieldman[1] The guns have fallen silent in Aleppo but will the fragile cease fire last? Assad with his Russian allies claims to have finally taken control of the city. But what has he achieved? Looking at images of desolate streets with hollowed out buildings, severely damaged churches and mosques, …

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Football: Too big to fail?

Maqueta del nuevo estadio de fútbol del Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu

Peter Fieldman[1] Has football become too powerful for its own good? The wealth generated from TV coverage and sponsorship by major multinational corporations has made “the game” so corrupt it is virtually a state within a state. What started as a sport and grew into the world’s number one public …

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The world at a crossroads

Xulio Formoso: Donald Trump

Peter Fieldman[1] Why has the election of Donald Trump created panic and uncertainty around the world two months before he actually takes office? The initial reaction to Ronald Reagan was the same and he turned out to become one of the most popular presidents in American history. If Donald Trump …

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Italy: Shaken and Stirred

Peter Fieldman: Italy torn apart

Peter Fieldman[1] As Theresa May grapples with Brexit she should spare a thought for Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi as he prepares for his own referendum on 4 December in an attempt to bring major reforms to the third largest economy in the Eurozone.

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