The Ciber Quiz of the week

CiberQuiz. Fashionable women. Why so many are like the Barbie doll type?

A 1. Brains look like Barbie’s too?

A.2. Oh, that’s globalization!

A.3. That’s what men expect from them?

A.4. Think really Barbie is fashionable?

A 5. What’s fashionable? Fashion anorexic top models & Media dictatorship?

A 6. Oh, Barbie! The very symbol of globalization!. Oh, women! The very symbol of…Barbie?

CQ. Barbie dolls, what about men? The world of Mr. Muscle?

A 1. Yeah muscles! All body hard!!!

A 2. The result of the body building and fitness business!

A 3. I like muscles. They inspire respect.

A 4. Respect! The solution for brainless fellows.

A 5. Own personality off! We go for copies of Mr. Muscle!

A 6. Nothing new in it! Hercules is our model to follow!

A 7. What Hercules? Poirot? Ha ha ha ha….

CQ. What’s for you an eligible man?

A 1. Just one’s not enough. Impossible to meet all eligible features in one.

A 2. Not so! Mr. Beckam’s the example of all features together. Rich, handsome football player, smart business man…Must have brains…

A 3. And when he wont be anymore handsome, nor football player, he’ll still be rich!

A 4. What you want is to be a celebrity out of a celebrity!

A 5. That’s all good globalized women aim for, don’t they?

A 6. That puts off the other 99.9% men population!

A 7. Oh, no! That’s encouraging for the rest 99.9% ¡

CQ. Well now, you men, select your eligible woman.

A 1. A celebrity!

A 2. The opposite of a celebrity!

A 3. What’s that? A good home keeper to bring up your children?

A 4. Yes! Not ugly, not beautiful, not very smart, not too dull…

A 5. Stop! Don’t be so ambitious! That’s your kind of job too?

A 6. I’m a top executive at a first rate multinational corporation.

A 7. Oh yeah! That’s the very picture of your wife, what about the other women?

A 8. Beautiful, smart, witty, absolutely bright!

CQ. What do you think about politics?

A 1. The art of the impossible!

A 2. How to become rich out of nothing!

A 3. Out of trafficking you mean!

A 4. Oh, oh, oh, quite a few are highly appreciated by Cayman Islands bankers!

A 5. Well, some of them are quite honest. (That’s the jocke)

A 6. Yeah, but you never hear about them. Never show up in the media.

A 7. Could we do without them?

A 8. That’d be the end of  fun, public theatrical performances, the end of political glamour, lies and…sex?

A 9. Then yes, we certainly couldn’t do without.

CQ. Let’s be not so frivolous. Don’t you think, some of the brightest country heads are in politics…?

A 1. You are frivolous!

A 2. Yeah, the few bald ones are really bright heads. The others we don’t know.

A 3. Oh, oh, the dullest in the family dedicates to politics, he’s sure to succeed there…

A 4. It’s so easy, one day of elections every four years and that means carte blanche…for anything.

A 5. At Parliament, the only task of the majority is to press one or other button every now and then.

A 6. And the speakers often sound like a five year old class.

CQ. Can’t you take this matter seriously?

All. We did!!!



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