Beautiful Destinations Safe Enough for People to Visit

While it’s true the recent COVID-19 pandemic has grounded a lot of flights worldwide that left thousands of tourists to cancel their travel plans, many for the rest of the year, there are now some places that are safe enough to visit with the right preparation and travel plan. These destinations are listed because of their proximity to readily available health facilities. They are one of the countries that have recovered or were least affected by the virus, and they have maintained health measures for all peoples visiting or residing in their country.

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Beautiful Places that Awaits

Because the number of visitors is limited in places around the world, you’ll be able to enjoy these destinations without the usual crowd that may spoil the experience. Here are some of the places that you should consider visiting now.


It is one of the countries that is least affected by the pandemic. The government reacted quickly and kept the number of cases at its lowest. The capital, Tbilisi, offers a cultural attraction that attracts visitors with its gastronomy, diversity, and architectural marvels. Their high-end hotels cost a couple of times less than hotels from other European countries.

In the southwestern part of the country, you can find the famous “Las Vegas of the Black Sea”, Batumi, Adjara. It offers historic sceneries combined with modern lifestyle amenities. It is one of the safest countries in the world, with crime rates much lower than in other cities in Europe. It also has very few cases of the Coronavirus.


It is also one of the countries that reacted well during the pandemic with very few cases in comparison to other European countries. Their facilities have the highest number of hospital beds per inhabitant, and they are also in close proximity to famous places. Cavtat is popular among celebrities and families because of its gastronomy, culture, and water sports. It has private villas and guest houses for travelers, and their hotels apply strict hygienic measures for all of its staff and visitors. 

Zagreb is a must-see destination when you’re on your city break. It is the largest city and its capital, with historic landmarks dating back to Roman times. This place should be part of your visit to Croatia.


Australia has still limited international visitors, but its domestic flights are slowly reopening. If you’re one of the people that can visit the country, don’t let the strict measures scare you. The country has responded very well to contain the virus, even with the size of its territory, it has kept its cases lower than other commonly-visited countries.

It is, however, important that you have travel insurance to lessen your worries if something happens. To know which providers offer coverage for COVID-19, you can go online and check out Australian comparators like this one that lets you compare prices and their coverage. You can select your package depending on your destination and your required level of coverage.

New Zealand

Although the country still has not opened its borders for international visitors, the country has kept COVID cases at its minimum. You can be sure that when they open their doors, you’d know that they have set up the necessary measures to protect its residents and visitors.


Japan has limited its entry of international travelers, but the country has responded very well to the pandemic, given its proximity to China.

These places are known for their beautiful destinations, and with the COVID grounding everyone around the world, they have responded well enough to be considered safe now or whenever they would reopen their doors. In this new era, travelers must all the more realize that the safety of their loved ones and the residents of the country they’re in is their responsibility.

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